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“I am many things, but broken isn’t one of them.” —10 word story, by Remycase (via remycase)
“If you do something with your whole heart and it’s a mistake, you can live with that.” —Florence Welch (via ridingsidesaddle)

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“The sooner you make a mistake and learn to live with it, the better. You’re not responsible for everything. You can’t control the way things end up.” —Courtney Summers (via a-thousand-words)

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“I’ve come too far to go back to the people who have hurt me.”

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Thank you, for leaving. I know it’s not something you thought I would send to you. But here I am, making my last confession. Your departure taught me how to live. I never thought I could live without you. And for awhile I didn’t, I couldn’t. Life was like a black cloud, there was no happiness. You had taken it with you that night. I spent months poisoning my self with liquor. I always thought that it would bring you back to me. It didn’t. I used to be able to smell you on my clothes, your cologne was a bitter reminder of what we once were. It used to break me, I would cry every time. Now, not so much. I’m not sure, but is this moving on? I grew in love with you, I did. You shaped me into what I believed was a ‘better’ version of me. You took me to places I’ve never been. We shared secrets I’ll never want back, not ever. But as much as I’d like to hold on to you. I can’t. It’s draining and I’m tired, so tired. I hope you go on adventures, discover who you are, get drunk, make millions and yes, fall in love. I wish you happiness, that’s what you have always deserved. I’ll always love you, but for once, I’m not in love with you.

Go well.

I love you.

The message I wish I could send my ex, but can’t -Poemsforthebad (via poemsforthebad)

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“Unkiss me.
Untouch me.
Untake this heart.”
—Unkiss me (Maroon5)

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“Saddest part was realizing we could have made it work.. If you were truly in love with me, you would have fought for me.. But you didn’t.. And that just means, I loved you more than you loved me.” —Joanna Adarna (via jobabyyyyy)
“When someone won’t let you in, eventually you stop knocking. Know what I mean?Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (via wordsnquotes)

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